My Recent Album Scores Great Reviews, Radio Play
I  have a new CD, "Do What Your Heart Says To," that was released in February, 2017.  It's getting some great reviews and radio play around the world.  It took a while longer than I thought it would to get this one finished.  Lot's of blood in it.  My last disc, "Advice From a Father to a Son," came out in mid-2013.  And I actually started working on this new one right on the heels of that.   It was a more ambitious project than the last one.  But I thought I would have it done lickety split.   Life, as it sometimes does, had a few other plans. . .

The basic tracks were cut in three sessions in New Orleans by Jack Miele at the old Fudge Studios. I started with 21 tracks and have culled  things down to 14.   All of the tunes are my originals.   . Michael Harvey has done a fantastic job mixing the stuff, recording my vocals, etc. The rhythm section is Shane Theriot, on guitar, David Torkanowsky on keys, George Porter Jr. on bass and Doug Belote on drums. (Two of the songs have Johnny Vidacovich on drums and Roland Guerin on bass) Helping me on vocals I have my pals The McCrarry Sisters (Regina Mccrary, Alfreda Mccrary, and Ann Mccrary). Also on vocals with me are Janiva Magness, Francine Reed (Lyle Lovett's duet partner and backing vocalist), Bekka Brammlet, Tommy Malone, and Roddie Romero. . Rick Trolsen, an early member of Bonearama, led a horn section on several tracks that also included Greg Hicks on trombone and Eric Lucero on trumpet. I am playing tenor and bari sax and singing, of course. 

Mike Harvey did a great job of mixing the record, at his Actiondale Studios, where Sam Rees supplied the mastering.  Mike also served as my co-producer on the project, bringing some excellent ideas to the table and keeping be from doing anything too stupid.

A bunch of people all over the country helped out.  Kevin McKendree cut the Nashville backing vocals at his excellent Rock House studios.   Jack Miele  cut a bunch of the Louisiana stuff in his new home at Music Shed Studios in New Orleans.  

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